Thursday, April 17, 2014

HSF '14 Challenge #7-Tops and Toes

Good day, lovely readers! I'm afraid I'm 2 days late with posting my hat but I did finish it before midnight on the 15th! And I also completed Challenge #6 but haven't had time to photograph it. Oops!

 Frankly, when I heard about the challenge, I freaked out a tiny bit inside. As well as I do as a designer and a seamstress, I am terrible at trimming!!! Ribbons, braid, buttons, I experience a mental block and sometimes a rash appears on the back of my neck (not kidding!) This whole challenge basically centers around being able to trim hats or stockings, so after a brief moment with a paper bag and some rash cream for my neck, I decided to make a simple 19th Century nightcap. Easy. Breathe, McKenna!

Blessedly, I have a gorgeous and talented Mother who is quite the expert with trims and such and assured me that I did not need to heavily trim my simple little nightcap :) As you can see, I hand-stitched a bit of tatted lace onto the brim and it makes it simple and elegant, I think. No need for anything fancy or complicated. But now I am determined to study the art of trim and ribbons and overcome my unfounded fears!

As you see, I also decided to make a Fichu (the historical equivalent of a cami for modesty) and a new Bodiced Petticoat (yay!) I made the Petticoat to go with a Regency round-gown made of a lightweight, see-through cotton I recently finished (pictures coming soon). I had my talented photographer sister take a few pictures for me and set it up as if I had gotten up in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate our matches or it would have been truly picturesque (despite the lighswitches and outlets :P)

I love the layers! Chemise, Stays, Fichu and Petticoat plus Pashmina shawl equals happiness anc comfort!

Closeup of the Fichu

I do need to do a "rip'n'stitch" in order to fix the gathers on the bodice of my petticoat but since it's not normally seen, it doesn't matter!
The Challenge: #7-Tops and Toes
Fabric: 1/4 yard White Cotton
Pattern: Tam from Simplicity 3623 (Out of Print)
Year: 1700-1910 (Versatility! Yay!)
Notions: 1/2 Yard Tatted Lace, Thread
How historically accurate is it?: 90% 1/2 Machine-stitched
Hours to complete: 1
First worn: For Photoshoot yesterday
Total cost: $0 It's stash-tastic!


Paige said...

Great job on the hat and fichu McKenna! You look delightfully Regency.

Nessa said...

McKenna,everything looks really awesome and you are definitely not alone with the trimming troubles. Trimming and hemming are two of the few sewing tasks that make me grumble on a regular basis, too. ;)

Boyer Family Singers said...

Lovely job Mckenna! I love your whole ensemble, and with the pink shawl too! Love it!